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Ungoogleables: Compaq F700 / HP dv6000/dv9000 buzzing speakers or turn on-turn off problem

August 23, 2010

If your HP dv6000, dv9000, or Compaq F700 has these symptoms:
– Devilish buzzing from the speakers at all times, even in the BIOS or during startup, in tune with the CPU fan speed
– Push power button, and it turns on for a few seconds then turns right back off… push it again, turns on, turns off… mash it again, on and off… and that’s all it does?

Replace the cable between the power button and the motherboard.

That cable powers the speakers (hence the buzzing sound), and if it’s unplugged from a working & running system, the system shuts off. There ya go. It turns on because it gets a signal from the button, but turns off likely because the lid switch wires are broken in the cable (hence it thinks the lid is closed, hence it shuts off). That’s just my theory, but still, pretty reliable fix since I just resurrected a dead motherboard with that theory.


Hah, suck on that, HP warranty.

March 12, 2010

Ah, the DV2000/6000/9000/F700 nVidia failure. What a fun little story. HP makes a line of notebooks that has a critical flaw, much like the Xbox 360’s failure. The nVidia chipset on the board fails, leaving the computer completely inoperable, and, without replacing the motherboard, also unfixable. Also just out of the warranty period as well. Most of these notebooks were manufactured in the year of Vista’s release, around 2007. By now most of them have already failed. Including one Compaq (HP) Presario F700 that I got, because the owner didn’t think it was worth fixing (at the time I didn’t know how to fix it).

The short of it is, first the wireless adapter goes out – no longer shows up in Device manager, light always stays orange. Then, a short while later (under the same conditions at least – could be held off if the BIOS is updated, or the fan is cleaned), the whole computer goes dead. It locks up, then fails to restart. It just dies. To the dumpster with it, it’s dead.

I finally decided to give it a go myself, trying to fix the motherboard by reflowing the solder under the northbridge chip (that’s cracked). A heat gun and a good amount of meticulous over-heating and melting later, I’m now writing on a previously-“dead” F700.

I now call it “Lazarus” for obvious reasons. And it runs Windows 7.

So now when I look at the bottom of the computer and see “Warranty: 1 year”, I lol a little. Suck on that, HP warranty. Evade!