FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD v4.61 Patch

August 8, 2013

This brings three changes:
– No longer loads power management if a new Intel AHCI driver is activated (causes BSOD while MiniXP desktop is loading)
– Updated HD Tune Pro to v5.50 (April 2013)
– Updated BootICE to 1.06 (May 2013)

Grab the patch here, extract it to a local drive, then drag your v4.6 ISO onto the patch EXE. It’ll walk you through the process, and create a new optimized ISO ready for burning.

Patch only: from falconsys.net
Requires FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD v4.6 as a source for the distribution ISO. You can’t use v4.5.

Full v4.61 ISO download:



  1. torrent file for getting the iso v4.61 please.

  2. Mega seems shady to me. Anything that insists I need to install an addon to download a file over 1GB, When the file is under 1GB just seems wrong.

    • Exactly.

      • can’t use my download manager on mega , can i download it from any other download server?

  3. I can assure you the download from mega is safe. Just downloaded the 7-zip file, which contains the iso and some notepad files. Burned to disc perfectly.

  4. Did any one get dart 6.5 to work?
    I’ve tried this disc a couple of times….a little shaky.

  5. Hello Mr. Falconfour

    thank you very much for great BootCD. Can you put in next release a old inSSIDer Version in the MiniXP?

  6. Mega is blocked in Italy (and I can’t see a way to download the file via proxy, it would take a lot of time) and a lot of torrent trackers are also blocked, so finding a torrent site with reliable stuff is terrible.

    Can you find a better place to host the file?


    • I own a website with unlimited hosting space and am willing to give anybody their own FTP account who needs it. And/or I would be more than willing to host a dedicated mirror for FFUBCD. My site has great download speeds as well. Email me at PCcloud9@gmail.com if you need hosting space.

  7. The patch failed AVG detected a virus Crypt2.ckqd f4ubcd-46\hbcd\wintools\easyuha.exe

  8. Upon running scan on the burned iso a second trojan was located by AVG.

    • If it’s a heuristic scan then it’s most probably a false positive. Please verify the detection with a service such as https://www.virustotal.com/ as it will check the file against multiple antivirus softwares. As far as I can see easyuha.exe is not a threat at all.

    • Let me guess, F4UBCD\Nirsoft\Nirsoft.uha? Yeah, I had the Nirsoft tools packed with Hiren’s UHA format to try to head off those exact kinds of false positives. If you look up the name of those “trojans” or other detections, you’ll likely find that they’re detecting *tools* that are commonly used by malicious software, e.g. password stealers, keyloggers. Seeing as though you’re scanning a *tool*-kit… well… 😉 It’s up to you how you want to use those tools (though I’d definitely prefer it was kept legit, I can’t control how you use them).

      If you find a legit trojan, though, I’d love to know where you downloaded it from, and know that the official distro (on KickassTorrents and Pirate Bay) certainly doesn’t have that kind of crap in it.

  9. Is this you?


    For some reason I didn’t think so…

    Whoever upped it just copy/pasted your words from here (that’s how I found this site by Googling a couple of sentences from the description).

    I wanted to get the ISO from the source (you) because I figure it’d be pretty easy for some shady prick to slip something nasty on there…

  10. Jay, I downloaded the ISO from your link and the MD5 hash it generates is the same as the MD5 of the ISO from Mega. It does NOT match the MD5 of the ISO that was created when I ran the patch on 4.6 though. Not sure what that tells you, but it’s all I know at this point.

    • The patch rebuilds a new ISO, so some metadata in the file will always be unique to your build. But no, that’s not my torrent (just posted a comment on there regarding that). If the MD5 matches the one from Mega, though… that’s legit then. I hate it when people repost someone else’s stuff without even noting the source or anything… :/

  11. DaRT 32-bit and 64-bit seems to be broken on 4.6 and 4.6.1.

  12. is there any place we can order this CD?



  13. Hi, can this boot using EFI?
    And erm, can I boot this from USB pendrive?
    Thanks lots for answering.

  14. I am still getting the iastor7.sys BSOD with 4.61. Any way to completely disable power management? I don’t plan on diagnosing/repairing many computers on the go.

    • For me this stopped by butting SATA in ‘Compatibility’ mode in my Lenovo laptop BIOS.

      Sadly, I still can’t get 95% of Hiren’s to start though.

  15. Plz let me host a mirror for this! >_< I support F4BCD and own fast hosting. Your links are all slow or stop working after a short time. I can offer a stable, permanent mirror that isn't blocked in certain regions… I'm serious, email me, this isn't spam! Pccloud9@gmail.com

  16. The Link of FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD v4.61 Patch is not working

  17. How to prevent from BSOD in MiniXP when using this newest Boot CD version?

  18. I downloaded the “FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD v4.61.7z” from Mega today and when I was extracting it – AVG alerted me to a possible trojan in “R-KILL.COM” in \\HBCD\WINTOOLS\

    It’s 780283 bytes and the checksum on my copy of the F4UBCD-4.61.iso is 9974016C ?

    Is this correct?

  19. R-Kill is a legit program used to kill suspicious running programs to allow other antivirus tools to do their job. It’s safe and is a false positive. Sometimes combofix is also detected as a false positive but they are well known for being safe.

  20. Would someone like to start a torrent for the full 4.61 ISO, seeing as the TBP previous link is obviously not working? I am willing to seed if/when I see a link to do so. Thanks!

  21. I think I worded that wrong. I’m offering to help start the seeding of a torrent *if you wish* for there to be one. I take your reply as ‘not interested’. Am I correct?
    FF UBCD is the most useful ass-saver I’ve had for years and I want to contribute back in some way I can afford to.

  22. It’s not that I’m not interested, I’d also help seed if one was made. But that page has a direct download. 🙂

  23. […] grab the v4.61 Patch to get up to […]

  24. Any hashes for ‘FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD v4.61.7z’, please?

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