FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD v4.61 Patch

August 8, 2013

This brings three changes:
– No longer loads power management if a new Intel AHCI driver is activated (causes BSOD while MiniXP desktop is loading)
– Updated HD Tune Pro to v5.50 (April 2013)
– Updated BootICE to 1.06 (May 2013)

Grab the patch here, extract it to a local drive, then drag your v4.6 ISO onto the patch EXE. It’ll walk you through the process, and create a new optimized ISO ready for burning.

Patch only: from falconsys.net
Requires FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD v4.6 as a source for the distribution ISO. You can’t use v4.5.

Full v4.61 ISO download:


  1. Patch link does not work. Plz re-up it on another server. 10x

  2. Why the hell compress that iso? decompressing takes more time than the whole download … i5 3,5Ghz …. damn why….

    • … it does? Shoot, I always go on the notion that CPUs (and even sluggish hard drives) can crunch faster than internet connections. I guess now that the standard internet connection is faster than the old standard 100mbps Ethernet connection, I may as well leave it uncompressed next time. Since everything is already tightly compressed in the ISO, it only saves very little space anyway…

      • It’s more about the fact that the file isn’t compressed enough to make a difference in downloading. Having to download an archive then decompress it requires unnecessary additional steps and disk space. Much easier and quicker overall to just download the actual ISO image unless you are one a dial-up connection.

  3. Having trouble booting into Falcon four on my Hp notebook.
    I get a failed to initialize message when trying to get into minix xp

  4. So, I found a 4shared upload of the patch that seems to be virus free. PLEASE RUN YOUR OWN MALWARE/VIRUS SCAN!


    You may or may not see it uploaded to the Torrent sites. Falconfour keeps the files on the Torrent sites FYI for anyone who doesnt know that.
    I dont know if this link is virus free or not, but i made a fake account on this site and downloaded a copy of it. I dont know when and if FalconFour will fix the F**king links. They/he/she should at least put a donation bitcoin litecoin or dogecoin link or something so people can vote with their money.
    Also you people may want to check out these websites:



    • Check his facebook page. He just returned and sounds like he’ll be working on this project soon. Hopefully he’ll be fixing all broken links soon as well.

    • Indeed, I just found that the previous mirror had dropped my file (which is why I hesitate to rely on offers of “being a mirror”). I just posted it on my web host. Sorry ’bout that! BTW, if you Google “f4ubcd donate”, you’ll find the blog post for donating – including directly in Bitcoin (which I’m happy to take)! Thanks!

  5. no comment, just a question:
    is there anywhere a german manual for the Ultimate BootCD?

  6. How do I use mhdd?

  7. Is HDD Sentinel on here by any chance? That software is a major time saver for me. I have a client here who I would love for him to be able to pick up there machine tonight if they decide against the screen repair.

    I have a feeling they may. To repair the touch screen on this laptop it’s probably close to 50% of the cost of the computer; not sure maybe it’s worth it for them. I’m confident I will pick up more business from them in the future though.

  8. how the heck do you download this thing? what is the mega site stuff? its driving me nutts


  10. Minor nit with the Linux bootmenu options: on machines with less than 2Gb RAM, these fail because the default vmalloc area is too small (default when less than 2Gb total RAM is 128Mb VMA, but the initrd ramdisk image is 128Mb already, so there is nothing left over for device allocations – ramdisk root fails to mount). Fix is to add an explicit “vmalloc=136M” to the Linux kernel command-lines in the menu.lst file in the root folder of F4UBCD. Note: on some systems with *lots* of funky memory-mapped peripheral hardware, 136M might not be enough, you might need eg: 160Mb or in really extreme cases, 192M.

    On my copy, I have added an extra menu-item for “Mini Linux (small system)” which has the vmalloc=136M command-line parameter.

    Otherwise, F4UBCD 4.61 is truly magnificent – much easier to use than eg: LiveXP, UBCD4Win, etc, and compatible with far more computers.

    • 2nd issue, not a major problem: the “Linux Console” boot entry refers to RIPLINUZ.GZ instead of the correct RIPLINUX.LZ. Can be interactively overridden at boot time, so not a biggie, just inconvenient.

  11. Can we get SHA256 checksums for 4.61 please?

  12. kindly tell me the procedure of making the bootable usb drive

  13. Download Rufus from the developer’s site. Use it for both formatting and making a bootable USB drive with the F4UBCD iso.

  14. This should be torrented, I would seed forever.

    • it should already be just have to look

  15. You cannot even get to the download. The page will not load. The patch has a virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • *sigh* there is no virus. As I mentioned above, this page is not updated anymore. Use my PCcloud9.com link above to download. It’s 100% safe since I’m hosting it.

      • Thank you. Finally got it.

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