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FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD v4.61 Patch

August 8, 2013

This brings three changes:
– No longer loads power management if a new Intel AHCI driver is activated (causes BSOD while MiniXP desktop is loading)
– Updated HD Tune Pro to v5.50 (April 2013)
– Updated BootICE to 1.06 (May 2013)

Grab the patch here, extract it to a local drive, then drag your v4.6 ISO onto the patch EXE. It’ll walk you through the process, and create a new optimized ISO ready for burning.

Patch only: from
Requires FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD v4.6 as a source for the distribution ISO. You can’t use v4.5.

Full v4.61 ISO download:!DBJjjAKL!IU1jMVPpMjdv7PTETJovfGxKj4ZUPB0cViqi5T6LaEM