FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD/USB 4.6

March 31, 2013

Hola amigos. I don’t speak Spanish, but, you know, trying to stay hip. Like actually releasing a new version, that sounds like an awesome idea, doesn’t it? Hell, v4.5 had so many holes that’ve been fixed in v4.6, it made 4.5 look like Swiss cheese. And I’m sure the Swiss have even used this thing. It’s been all the way around the internet and back – in fact, v4.6 was created on a laptop I bought from a guy on eBay (just shopping around) that uses my disc as well! I was amazed. This thing has seen some mileage.

FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD v4.6

In this boot CD are the most popular and useful tools anyone would ever need. The best of the free software, the best of the commercial software, and it all fits on one CD-R that’s readable by any computer worth booting on. Not everything can read a DVD, and USB booting is hit and miss at best.

Meanwhile, since the last release in 2011, more has changed. I wrote off the dry, stale corporate IT world of wastefulness and over-powered, under-utilized systems and unnecessary, poorly planned “cloud” services. Currently unemployed (at least, as of this release!), I found some time to put some major polish on MiniXP and get everything working well. Still would love to work in computer repair. Anyone? I’ll even move. Anything? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

This disc, an even more minor single-point revision, is actually a huge MiniXP update. Other tools have been updated, like Memtest86+, which has been replaced with the more frequently updated Memtest86, with a smarter loading mechanism. Tons of updates in MiniXP. AHCI support, for one thing. Better driver support for network and wireless drivers, faster (and more reliable) startup, better error reporting/catching, better graphics, better compatibility with more tools and software, and… Flash support in the latest Portable Firefox! Yes, you can watch YouTube from MiniXP now. And access TeamViewer/LogMeIn which uses Flash. LOTS of work has been put into polishing the startup routine and compatibility.f4ubcd-46-menu

Plenty of features from v4.5: Virtual Floppy enables you to mount images from a USB stick to be used in a boot selection like MiniXP (for F6 SATA/RAID drivers) or FreeDOS (Dell option). VFD with file copy allows you to make a <1mb RAR file accessible to DR-DOS or Hiren’s DOS in a virtual floppy. Wireless drivers in MiniXP along with improved Ethernet and storage support. Mini Linux provided by RIP Linux. Bootable partition and imaging utilities provided by Acronis True Image and EASEUS Partition Manager. Improved Memtest86+ with failsafe mode to resolve startup hangs. Kon-Boot 1.1 is really v1.1 now, with support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Tons of new utilities in MiniXP with new launchers to provide easier access. ERD 5.0 is integrated with MiniXP for offline system restore and service/driver management, and Microsoft DaRT 6.5 (x86 and x64) are added to support Windows Vista and 7. Antivirus scanning with real-time updates is provided by DaRT 6.5’s Standalone System Sweeper, and allows you to load definitions to a USB stick for live updating.

This ain’t yo mama’s BartPE compilation.


Once you dive into this disc, you’ll never need another boot CD.

Based on F4UBCD v4.5 with MiniXP from Hiren’s 15.2, heavily modified.

  • MiniXP gutted and rebuilt with new, flexible on-disc scripting, for easy mods.
  • Active File Recovery 7.5.1
  • CCleaner
  • CPU-Z
  • HWMonitor
  • MS DaRT 5 / ERD Commander 2005 utilities
  • HD Tune Pro 5
  • ImgBurn
  • Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder 2.0.8
  • MyDefrag 4.3.1 with FullOptimize script
  • NirSoft collection 2/1/2013, now with 90% fewer antivirus false alarms
  • SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.1.2
  • TreeSize Personal 5.4.4
  • Firefox Portable
  • Shiny graphics that make the room smell nicer

And of course, a slew of utilities from Hiren’s disc, some updated, including:
EzPcFix, Acronis Disk Director, ATF Cleaner, Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware updated 11/6/2012, Bulk Rename Utility, Combofix updated 2/16/2013, Defraggler, Speccy, Content Advisor Password Remover, Recuva, Diskview, Filemon, Regmon, Procmon,
DriveImageXML, GetDataBack, Recover My Files, Ghost32 11.5.1, ISOBuster, GImageX (ImageX GUI), SUPERAntiSpyware, IrfanView, NTPWEdit, Partition Magic, TeraCopy, TightVNC Server/Viewer, Unstoppable Copier, Victoria, MHDD, WinRAR,
and 7-Zip
… among others.

In this update

4.6, Apr-1-13: Many modifications to MiniXP. AHCI/RAID support (not quite universal yet due to architecture). Firefox update with Flash support. Memtest86 instead of Memtest86+. Streamlined boot menu configuration. Made USB setup easier with BootICE. ImageX front and center on the desktop now, as well as some additional new icons. Vastly improved MiniXP startup process. PDF, Word, Excel file viewing support. Replaced a billion references to outdated portable Opera browser in MiniXP with Firefox. Much improved network driver support. Battery support. Power management support (no longer roasts laptop CPUs while in MiniXP). Added keyboard switcher in tray. More sane date/time display.


CRC32: 9B4B46FF
MD5: 41E62394E1C8D406FB41B65B6CDEECEB
SHA-1: CF92E23BBF2084812E454E7C8272596F2AD860BA

Download the torrent (save bandwidth, help others download it too!)

Then grab the v4.61 Patch to get up to date.

Or download v4.61 directly via HTTP (be a freeloader! Or if you have trouble with the torrent!)
(Here’s another HTTP mirror for v4.61!)

And, on Facebook: http://fb.com/F4UBCD


  1. Will be there any update or is this project died?

    • Hello folks, for some reason my HP Envy keeps crashing into BSOD when trying to load this. Is it because possibly Im running it under Legacy boot perhaps? Please advise. Thank you.

  2. Hi,

    Please could you explain how to load RAID driver using F6 key while booting Mini XP.
    I know there is a special entry in your menu to load floppy image but it is unclear for me.
    I don’t undertand where I’m supposed to put the IMG file (the floppy image) on the USB driver (from where I’m booting Falcon4)?
    Can I create this IMG file using any floppy image tool and put my Intel RAID driver on it?


    • You need to prepare an F6 floppy image containing oemsetup.inf and driver files for the correct RAID controller. Then copy the file to the USB drive \temp\f6flpy.img and use the 2nd last Falcon menu entry ‘Mini XP with F6 floppy’.
      However, if you use Easy2Boot with DPMS, it will automatically make the F6 floppy for you and you don’t need to press F6.
      Make an E2B+DPMS drive. Copy the F4UBCD iso to \_ISO\WINDOWS\XP folder. Boot to E2B and choose ISO (Windows Install menu – XP Step 1). E2B will detect the RAID controller and automatically load the correct F6 image.

      • Sorry, I meant txtsetup.oem!

      • Ok, I didn’t get that the IMG file must be on [USB]\temp\ … Now I can load the driver thanks to you.
        Unfortunately it seems that my raid controller driver is not compatible with Windows XP.

      • Try Easy2Boot, it has all drivers for Mass Storage in the DPMS Driver pack, so should work and you don’t need an F6 img file.

      • I’ve tried Easy2boot with no luck. I’ve followed all documentations, danced the sacred dances… as “you must reboot e2b again and run step 2 afterwards…” The best I can seen is mini xp with few icons than before and my RAID disk is still not recognized.
        Easy2boot is all but easy… I’ll stick to YUMI which does the job very well in a few seconds. Easy2boot => headache.

        But thanks again for your time and you patience with me

      • Did you use E2B+DPMS version? It should have recognised the RAID controller and made an F6 floppy for it automatically. You don’t do step 2 (that is for installing XP). You just do Step 1, make sure the RAID driver is listed (lots of coloured text on screen) then boot to Mini XP.
        You say you will stick to YUMI – does YUMI add the RAID drivers for you??? Anyway, it’s up to you…

      • On E2B website, it is said:
        To use MiniXP with a RAID system, copy ISO to \_ISO\WINDOWS\XP folder and use E2B+DPMS.
        So, when I try this, the mini xp is managed as as Winxp installation disk, which leads to a Winxp without icons… the RAID disk is not recognized anyway

        But, if I put ISO by renaming as .isowinvH, then I can start mini xp normaly but RAID disk is not recognized

        Yes I’ve used the DPMS version all the time.

        So my only solution is to use a Win 8 pe (like Gandalf’s) which works perfectly with my raid disk by default.

        I would prefer mini xp solution which is faster and more handy in my opinion

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