Disable DXVA to fix Windows 8 BSOD on Experience Index test

November 21, 2012

Crashing while trying to run the Experience Index test “Tuning Windows Media decoding”? Well, I found a solution for the problem on a GeForce 6200 PCI (256mb) used to bring Aero to an older Pentium 4 HT PC.

Disable DXVA2. It crashes while trying to use the GPU to accelerate decoding h264 video.

Go here: http://bluesky23.yu-nagi.com/en/ – grab DXVA Checker. Run it. Install .NET if need be. Go to the “DSF/MFT” tab and click the DSF/MFT Viewer button. Under both “DirectShow” and “Media Foundation”, look in the list for entries shown in red – these are DXVA-accelerated. Click one of them – first in my list is “Microsoft H264 Video Decoder MFT”. In the lower-right corner, click the button “GPU Acceleration”, and select “Disable DXVA2” if there is an option for it. I don’t think disabling all GPU acceleration is necessary.

Reboot (not sure if it’s necessary, but a good idea) and try the test again. If it still fails, go back and perform “Disable” for GPU acceleration on each. It should now be fixed!



  1. Thx – disabling h264 without reboot did the trick for me!

  2. disabling h264 fixed for fujitsu q550 with intel gma600.
    bsod was naming igdkm32.sys
    thank you
    ps. must be re-disabled if driver updates

  3. disabling h264 fixed for nokia booklet 3g with intel gma500.
    bsod was naming igdkm32.sys
    thank you

  4. Thank you – Windows 7 x64 here. Disabling H264 under “Media Foundation” did the trick. No reboot needed.

  5. Acer Aspire One 751h – Windows 7 x86 Ultimate. Disabling H264 under “Media Foundation” worked for me. No reboot needed.
    Many Thanks

  6. Nvidia Geforce 6600 GT Windows 8 x64 disabled it in a couple places and now working great thanks.

  7. OMG !!! You have no ideea how much I searched for this fix ! Win7 BSODs are over ! MANY Thanks man !

  8. I’m amazed! I’ve looked everywhere for a fix to this problem (on my Windows 7 computer). Using your helps I fixed it! Thank you! People have been asking about this problem for YEARS and your post is the first I’ve seen that really fixes it.

    Thanks for this help, and thanks for your service to our country!

    Here’s what I had to do.

    I first disabled everything red-highlighted and no more problem! Wonderful! Then I tried to find out what was really causing the problem. I found I had to DISABLE the

    “Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder” DVXA2 option


    under the “Media Foundation” button disabled the “Microsoft H264 Video Decoder MFT.”


    under the “Media Foundation” button I had to disable the “WMVideo Decoder MFT” option.

    What I had to do seems to be a bit more complicated than what most had to do here, but this was what worked for me. I’m using Win 7 (64 bit) with an Intel Core 2 cpu with 6 GB RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE video card.

  9. That website “bluesky23.yu-nagi.com/en/” now downloads a conduit installer for a “free” file converter NOT the DVXA Checker and DXF/MFT Viewer. Other entries are flagged as a malicious website by Trend Micro. BEWARE!

  10. There are ways to navigate around that crap. You just have to pay attention. The DVXA checker worked and I was able to do the Windows test, finally. This also allowed me to game without the screen shutting down and freezing. I was running a game and causing it to load over and over, basically pushing the computer into overdrive. I was able to do this for quite some time, then finally the computer screen went black and then the computer restarted. I was having this problem before, as well. It hasn’t done it since, and it’s been back going again for about 20-mintues without loading the game. This is still a victory for me, since my Alienware laptop had turned into a paperweight 3-months after I let the warranty lapse. The fact that the laptop restarted when the CPU was being pushed in game, tells me that there is still an issue. I disabled everything in red. If anyone has anything to add to this, please feel free.

  11. I just ran the game again, (Civ 5). When loading a save while in game the fan came on and the screen went black and the computer was making a weird noise. It seems like the Graphics card may be getting hot, but every time I look at the (real temp checker) the temps of everything there are the same. I haven’t found a good temp checker that shows everything and doesn’t involve a cycle of ads and useless downloads that have to be screened. I’m running a dual graphics card, and all the drivers are updated after I did a factory reset. I’m thinking that there might be a hardware issue, either with the graphics card or something else. The strange thing, is that after using the DVXA checker as described above, I was able to use the computer better than I have been for months. Is there something that isn’t red, maybe, that needs to be disabled?

  12. Thanks so much!! This is brilliant. The very first thing I disabled, Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder, did the trick

  13. CONFIRMED working on dell dimension 960 With Nvidia Quadro FX 550 with a single-cpu Quadcore w/HT Xeon CPU on Windows 7 Pro x64

  14. Working on Dell precision 380 (Intel Pentium D 940 core) with Windows8 x64 and Nvidea FX 550 videocard,Index 3,3.

  15. Amazing!! I have had this issue since I bought this machine some years ago, never fixed til now. Fixed on eMachines EL1352G with ATI 5570 Graphics. Thanks!

  16. Fixed my issues with an old Acer Netbook. I donated $5.00 because it worked.

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