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Disable DXVA to fix Windows 8 BSOD on Experience Index test

November 21, 2012

Crashing while trying to run the Experience Index test “Tuning Windows Media decoding”? Well, I found a solution for the problem on a GeForce 6200 PCI (256mb) used to bring Aero to an older Pentium 4 HT PC.

Disable DXVA2. It crashes while trying to use the GPU to accelerate decoding h264 video.

Go here: – grab DXVA Checker. Run it. Install .NET if need be. Go to the “DSF/MFT” tab and click the DSF/MFT Viewer button. Under both “DirectShow” and “Media Foundation”, look in the list for entries shown in red – these are DXVA-accelerated. Click one of them – first in my list is “Microsoft H264 Video Decoder MFT”. In the lower-right corner, click the button “GPU Acceleration”, and select “Disable DXVA2” if there is an option for it. I don’t think disabling all GPU acceleration is necessary.

Reboot (not sure if it’s necessary, but a good idea) and try the test again. If it still fails, go back and perform “Disable” for GPU acceleration on each. It should now be fixed!