Hey, yeah, Firefox 4? Import from Chrome. Thanks.

April 1, 2011

So, I decided to give Firefox 4 a good run this morning…

Downloaded, installed… and it picked up my stale, rotten old Firefox profile. Ugh. I’d rather it ask me if I want to start a new one.

Then I look for the import function. Since anyone that switched from FF to Chrome some 6-12 months ago would have done the same… stale FF profile, fresh Chrome. I’d think this would be easy to find. Nope. Nowhere to be found.

Ahh… “Import” isn’t placed under the “Options” submenu like it damn well should be, but instead is hidden under the legacy alt-menu bar. Despite their best efforts, they just can’t get that trivial detail right. I shouldn’t have to use the alt-menu at all, mmkay?

“Import”. Import from MSIE? Or from MSIE? I’m sure you’re using MSIE. Are you using MSIE? NO, I’M NOT. I’m using Chrome. And I wanted to give FF4 a chance. But, since it won’t let me, I don’t have much of a choice. Chrome imports from Firefox… there’s your user path: Chrome eats Firefox users. Until Firefox imports from Chrome, users won’t even consider going back to FF. Enjoy Chrome kicking Firefox’s ass as usual, then.

And that was my trial run of Firefox 4. Good night Firefox… once again. /facepalm



  1. I suppose you could always just nuke the profile and re-install…

    • How would that help me import from Chrome? I’m talking simple ease-of-use here… if I just wanted to make it work for myself, I’d run %appdata%, delete Mozilla, restart Firefox. No reinstalling needed. It’s just that FF is going to continue to bleed users to Chrome until they find a way to complete the browser-migration loop and import back from Chrome.

  2. Psst, F4:


    I haven’t bothered to yet, though, I use FF way too much to screw with it ATM.

    • Ick, that’s the opposite of what I’d want πŸ˜›

      I like the new UI, quite a bit actually. I was just commenting that it was a half-assed candy coating if they still keep some important functions hidden under an “alt” menu… either change the UI, or don’t, but don’t just put a halfassed candy coating on it πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh, BTW, you can use Xmarks to transfer bookmarks between Chrome and FF. Or Safari and IE. Or any combination of the four.

    • I barely even use bookmarks, lol… history, form fill, passwords? FF just needs chrome import πŸ˜‰

  4. I totally agree. I decided to give FF4 a go this morning and hit exactly the same problems.

    This is fundamental, so I start to wonder what else they’ve got wrong and go back to Chrome.

  5. chrome won’t import from firefox 4 either

  6. Not that this will answer your need… but have any of you looked into SRWare.net Iron (Chrome) browser without Google$ spyware?

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