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Forum / Reality Disconnect

April 2, 2011

Y’know, it’s recently occurred to me that this is a phenomenon that’s gone on with most forums I’ve posted on. Usually forums I only post on once or twice, just to address a specific issue.

There seems to be a parallel-universe thing going on somewhere. Like the reality in my own world, expressed through clear and well phrased statements, is skewed through the forum, and appears on the other end like some kind of gibberish newbspeak.

I just don’t… freaking… get it. It really has started to bug me lately. It seems to involve expressing ways a product or service could improve, or to correct a problem, or pretty much anything that’s not 100% pure ass-kissing.

Here are some recent and past examples (recent first)…
There, I start off with a little rambling/rant about how the Dalvik-Cache folder is unmanaged in the Android OS and seems like a second-thought add-on with dire consequences. The thread quickly goes nuclear and everyone basically beats their chest and grunts “NOOOB NOOOOB”. Only at the very end of the thread do people begin to become civilized, but nothing is ever really made of the thread (other than one developer, who now hates my guts, somewhat-silently admitting acceptance and creating a script to help fix the problem). It’s the most baffling one to date, really.

Second most fresh on my mind is this one, that still eats away at me to this day, some years later:
This one… I mean, I don’t even really remember what went on here, haven’t actually read over the thread again but I just remember it’s there (actually saved as a bookmark). That forum… those people, I don’t get it. It’s a simple thing… the DriverPacks distribution is improperly fragmented for common usage, requiring people to download all three packages to get a usable set of drivers, except it now includes a bunch of unneeded drivers as well. It would save them bandwidth and save the users some headache to split them up differently. Simple, logical thing, right? Nope. The mods/admins/members stoop to base insults and random remarks, shitting all over *their own forum*, and giving me the middle finger. That’s just another one I’m totally stumped on.

Another forum,, I simply can’t log in at. I give it my usual login, and it accepts it (so I apparently do have an account there), but it barfs back that I’d been banned for “fanboy behavior”, forever. Really stumped there. I emailed the forum admins and asked about the ban, and I exchanged 1 or 2 emails before they said that they “never lift bans”. Quite a primitive and shortsighted policy, but still… WTH for? I never even had an account there that I know of, let alone posted anything, let alone “fanboy” (of what, Windows? Sure not Mac and HELL not Linux… wtf fanboy of, then?). Still unresolved.

I post on ImgBurn forums that the bundled malware is really killing ImgBurn’s reputation, especially while presented along side some UniBlue system-destroyer garbage (clean registry! fix errors! OMG!). What do I get? A whole bunch of backlash about not knowing how to uncheck the installer, LUK supporting his work, blah blah. I thought it was pretty common knowledge that reg-cleaners and toolbars are malware. There are about a million other ways he could be supporting… just… I mean, WTF? I don’t get how that isn’t obvious…

I mean, this list goes on and on. All kinds of random things-I-say-in-good-intention, just met with boatloads of totally random and unexpected backlash from the members or admins. Most of the time I’m left frustrated, confused, and wondering what-the-hell-went-wrong. It was really just that last post about Dalvik-Cache that pushed me over the edge into thinking I must have a “kick me” sign posted on my head.

And it’s not just my posts on forums either. I always Google the things I’m curious about first, and I often find pages and pages of forum posts… 90% unrelated to my search. But of those rare 10%, about 7% of them are either unanswered (no replies), or worse… has some moron in the forum telling the OP to “search”. Then the thread is left hanging with no resolution (as that search result obviously didn’t show up for me, being there reading that now), and I’m left looking elsewhere. But then, there’s that third dead-end… the people that post exactly what I’m thinking, but either get nowhere, or are greeted by the same sort of angry mob I get in my posts. WTF?

Can anyone out there in internetland throw me some clues? I mean, there’s really not much we can do after-the-fact. Or even really much we can do to fix it, for that matter. I write in clear, verbose, easy-to-search posts, that make it easy for others to find info on the same situation I’m in right now. I’ve even stumbled across my own forum posts a few times in trying to solve a similar issue. But somehow, the 20,000-post, “fills every topic with the same pasta” members start off with some negative backlash, and the rest of the forum snowballs from there. The entire point of the topic is lost, the issue remains unresolved, and often the topic gets locked so people can’t even contribute in the future. What kind of internet am I visiting here? o.O


Hey, yeah, Firefox 4? Import from Chrome. Thanks.

April 1, 2011

So, I decided to give Firefox 4 a good run this morning…

Downloaded, installed… and it picked up my stale, rotten old Firefox profile. Ugh. I’d rather it ask me if I want to start a new one.

Then I look for the import function. Since anyone that switched from FF to Chrome some 6-12 months ago would have done the same… stale FF profile, fresh Chrome. I’d think this would be easy to find. Nope. Nowhere to be found.

Ahh… “Import” isn’t placed under the “Options” submenu like it damn well should be, but instead is hidden under the legacy alt-menu bar. Despite their best efforts, they just can’t get that trivial detail right. I shouldn’t have to use the alt-menu at all, mmkay?

“Import”. Import from MSIE? Or from MSIE? I’m sure you’re using MSIE. Are you using MSIE? NO, I’M NOT. I’m using Chrome. And I wanted to give FF4 a chance. But, since it won’t let me, I don’t have much of a choice. Chrome imports from Firefox… there’s your user path: Chrome eats Firefox users. Until Firefox imports from Chrome, users won’t even consider going back to FF. Enjoy Chrome kicking Firefox’s ass as usual, then.

And that was my trial run of Firefox 4. Good night Firefox… once again. /facepalm