Ungoogleables: Compaq F700 / HP dv6000/dv9000 buzzing speakers or turn on-turn off problem

August 23, 2010

If your HP dv6000, dv9000, or Compaq F700 has these symptoms:
– Devilish buzzing from the speakers at all times, even in the BIOS or during startup, in tune with the CPU fan speed
– Push power button, and it turns on for a few seconds then turns right back off… push it again, turns on, turns off… mash it again, on and off… and that’s all it does?

Replace the cable between the power button and the motherboard.

That cable powers the speakers (hence the buzzing sound), and if it’s unplugged from a working & running system, the system shuts off. There ya go. It turns on because it gets a signal from the button, but turns off likely because the lid switch wires are broken in the cable (hence it thinks the lid is closed, hence it shuts off). That’s just my theory, but still, pretty reliable fix since I just resurrected a dead motherboard with that theory.



  1. Heh, funny thing is, if you Google “Compaq F700 / HP dv6000/dv9000 buzzing speakers”, this blog is first in the list. Not so “Ungoogleable” anymore. 😛

    • Success! 😀

  2. i have an hp pavilion dv6000… I’m experiencing this problem… the speaker don’t make noise really, just that the one on the left doesn’t work, and if it does its never clear as the one on the right which works well… i have been going all over the internet looking for a cure to this… i read this article saying that it is because of the nvidia graphic card which is close to the processor… think it explains that the chip gets hot, and the soldering needs to be heated and re applied… has anyone confirmed this method by just changing the power cord? because I’m reading more about this issue ant=d that’s what comes up… going to paste a link… please help…


    take a look at solution 6…

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