Authentec TrueSuite Starter for Windows 7 x86/x64

April 14, 2010

So, Authentec thinks it’s cute to say that they only provide software through OEMs. It’d sure be nice if the OEMs actually lived up to that fairy tale…

I’d recently picked up a DV6000 laptop with a fingerprint swipe. Somehow, Windows Update picked up the driver for it… “ooh wow, a driver, I’m so lucky”, I thought (sarcastically). I knew it needed software. But I tried it anyway… I clicked Start and entered “finger”. Sure enough, 3 results for fingerprint software already installed. What? I hadn’t installed anything…

Turns out, I was dead wrong. The software I’d used in the past for fingerprint login is slow, clunky, and WAY overfeatured for just wanting to use it to log in and geek out friends. It was HP ProtectTools suite that I had on my tablet, and it SUCKED. Slow, slow, slow. Quick to reject a fingerprint but slow to reset/retry, slow to log in, slow to open. This was all different. The software, TrueSuite Starter, is dead simple. It’s FAST. It gets the job done.

I killed ProtectTools on the tablet. But the TrueSuite software wasn’t offered. Huh? So I dug into my new DV and found out where Windows Update saved the downloaded driver. Curious… it stores the whole installation package in a DLL file. No EXE to set it up with. That’s OK. I checked the device IDs, and sure enough, the scanner in my tablet was included as well. So who knows how many other people on the internet might find this useful.

As far as I can tell, this is a package that works for all Authentec brand fingerprinters. Just update the driver for it (notice that it is, in fact, signed… I’m not f*cking with you guys here), and it’ll install the TrueSuite for you in the background (be sure to get rid of any other crap you’ve got installed first!). Then just enter “fingerprint” in your Start search, and bam! Fingerprinty goodness.

Works with the following Device IDs:


Open your existing (or unknown) biometric device in Device manager, verify the Hardware ID under “details” (it must match one of these!), then Update Driver, “On my computer”… “I’ll pick one”… “Have disk” to the folder you extracted this to… then install!

DOWNLOAD -> LINK <- DOWNLOAD (Updated 2/22/2013)



  1. YOU ARE A LIFESAVER… I had tried absolutely everything in the world to get my fingerprint sensor to work. Authentec is cheap and don’t provide their drivers to consumers, but this worked unbelievable well.


  2. Thank you for sharing this! I used to work with TrueSuite untill my laptop was re-installed. I don’t understand that Authentec TrueSuite isn’t available for download on their website. HP wants us to use their tool instead so TrueSuite isn’t available there too! I believe it is for the customer to decide which software they want to use, and not to the manufacturer! And again, thank you for this very usefull information.

  3. Thank you for sharing. My fingerprint sensor will work under Win7.

  4. This worked PERFECTLY. Great job, thanks so much

    I tried EVERYTHING to get my fingerprint reader working. I gave up on it about 8 months ago. With your post..got it working in 5 minutes.

    Great job!!!…thanks again.

  6. Can you upload to another site like mediafire.com cause rapid share sucks and by the way very nice work by solving this problem


  7. Great tip! I was having problems with an HP TC4400 with Windows 7 64-bit and VERY long shutdown times after installing the newest HP Protecttools suite… I figured that before I started going over the event logs with a fine toothed comb I would try a little Google grease, and your suggestion came up.

    A couple of things to add in case someone runs across the same snafus that I did:

    I first had to go into ProtectTools (I didn’t want to disable all of its functionality by uninstalling it) Credential Manager and uncheck “logon to Windows using Credential Manager”. I also went through the various dialog boxes in Credential Manager and unchecked anything that referenced “fingerprints”. I then uninstalled the AuthenTec driver, it reinstalled itself, and everything is hunky-dory.

    I have had this problem with a few machines, so it’s something that needs to be adressed in HP’s ITRC, but I didn’t find any mention of it.

    Thanks again!

  8. Hello

    I just would like to add some usefull tips about installing True Suite for Windows 7. After installation on my PC it didn’t want to work and it appears message: True Suite stopped working. The problem comes after you update Windows 7 with current patches from Windows Update. It upgrades NET. Framework to version 4.0. And that version of Framework unfortunatally is not compatible with True Suite. What needs to be done: go to Control Panel/ Uninstall a program. On the left side in menu will be: “Turn Windows features on or off”. When you click that, it will show the items which you can install or uninstall. Click on NET.Framework 3.5. It will install back this version along with version 4.0.
    After you restart the computer, problem with True Suite is solved.
    Best Regards

  9. link is dead

  10. link is dead
    plz help me out

    • You only need to comment once…

      Didn’t know the link was dead… I guess Rapidshare isn’t even as reliable as my own Hostfile.org. That’s fixed. Try the link now.

  11. Hello,

    The link on Hostfile.org is dead too. Could you please upload it again?


    • Hostfile.org is a site run on a server sitting in my bedroom. Literally 6 feet away as I type this.

      For some unknown reason, it’s been a bit unstable the past few days. It keeps freezing up completely, requiring me to go to the computer and reset it manually. Irritates the shit out of me.

      Funny I never hear any praise for running the site and keeping it going ad-free and payment-free for over 5 years with all the files anyone has ever uploaded, but when it goes down, all the crying starts…

      You’re welcome.

  12. Your link does not work mate. i downloaded the file “Authentec_TrueSuite_starter.7z” but it does not extract. It gives the message that archive is corrupt.

    • The file is fine. The problem is on your end. Download it from another computer.

  13. Thank you, it did work and my computer is working fine now. Regards

  14. Thanks a lot. You are the best.

  15. Hello,

    The link appears to be dead again. Any chance of a reupload? I would love to give this ago as I have this in W8 on my laptop but not W7.


    • Yikes. Thanks for the heads up. Hostfile seems to have totally gone to shit since I don’t run it anymore… oh well. Moved it to my Dropbox, so now it’ll be around forever… try the new link. šŸ™‚

      • Thanks for fixing the link, I shall give this a try.

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  18. Worked like a charm!

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