Handbrake 0.9.4 Netbook resolution patched

February 7, 2010

Handbrake 0.9.4 was finally released some months ago. It’s still an amazingly useful tool, and probably x264’s most active “vehicle”. But, as before, it’s not without its problems. The GUI is still buggy and flaky at times, probably because of a huge amount of patched spaghetti code. IMO it really just needs to be rewritten, just looking over the source. Handbrake itself has gotten significantly more stable, quicker, and more usable. It’s now quite a useful tool to convert DVDs to MPEG-4 with top-of-the-line codecs and amazing compression.

Perhaps most glaring of its issues, despite the fact that the GUI automatically scales and provides a scroll bar to navigate the interface, it refuses to run when the resolution is too low. It flat-out does not allow the program to run due to this arbitrary limitation – no bypass switches, nothing. It needs to be recompiled. But it works just fine at lower resolutions. You can test this functionality by launching Handbrake at 1024×768 (or higher), minimize the GUI, then change the resolution to 800×600. Restore the GUI, and it suddenly grows scroll bars like magic and it’s still usable. The devs have consistently ignored countless requests to remove this limitation so, well, once again, that’s where I come in.

Look closer – shit bricks.

This is a full installation of the Handbrake application, which can be installed over your existing Handbrake install (you shouldn’t need to have both the original, and this patched version, installed at the same time). Install, and voila! Handbrake on your netbook. As per GPL licensing, the source is available as well.

Download the patched version here. ** edit: fuck dropbox in the ass. Find it on OneDrive here.

edit: Fixed some versioning discrepancies that caused Handbrake to pop up prompting for an update right off the bat. Hopefully this does it… the way HB-GUI checks versioning is a fucking nightmare of holy-shit spaghetti code. #1 reason why I hate object-oriented programming. *headdesk*



  1. Thank you for this. . . Very helpful. Some developers can get very short-sighted about their programs — you’d think it might occur to them that some of us are using their programs differently than they are, like to simply need to open the thing up to be able to walk another user over the video conversion steps over the phone, as opposed to trying to rip a whole DVD this here netbook which has no DVD drive. Oh well.

    • Thanks.

  2. Thanks for doing this so I don’t have to recompile myself! I don’t understand why the possibility of scrollbars is anathema to the official Handbrake devs…

    • Please, can you send this file to me (kdantas@hotmail.com) or share in 4shared, mega, or other mirror link? Thanks.

  3. this is great but cannot download, it says my IP is already downloading

    • lrn2torrent.

  4. Thanks so much, this really helps!

  5. Thanks for doing this. Heaven forbid they ever support a use case like using a netbook to RDP into another system to actually run it.

  6. thank you, for the netbook version of handbrake v0.9.4. :). anyone who can’t download from rapidshare here is a mirror link –> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IWT6LEG0

    • Please, can you send this file to me (kdantas@hotmail.com) or share in 4shared, mega, or other mirror link? Thanks.

  7. You freakin’ rock! I’m just glad you did this so I didn’t have to… Because I really didn’t feel like going into the code myself… So it is very much appreciated! 🙂

    PS- I loved your “error message.” Made my day! 🙂


    • Please, can you send handbrake 0.9.4 patched file to me (kdantas@hotmail.com) or share in 4shared, mega, or other mirror link? Thanks.

  8. Thank you so much!!! Greetings from Chile 😀

  9. Will you be making a patched version for the latest version of handbrake?

    That would be cool.

    • Awh jeez! Didn’t even know a new version finally came out. HB devs like to push their releases waaaayyyyyy far apart, and 0.9.5 was so buggy, I’ve been using nightly builds… I’ll add this to my ever-growing to-do list. Thanks for the heads-up!

      • Please, can you send handbrake 0.9.4 patched file to me (kdantas@hotmail.com) or share in 4shared, mega, or other mirror link? Thanks.

  10. […] […]

  11. Dude, you are my hero. I was using Handbrake 0.9.5 on my netbook running WinXP and was able to bypass the problem by fudging my screen resolution. But Win 7 does NOT allow you to virtually extend your resolution and thus Handbrake would not work at all. I was using my netbook to convert the last 9 years of home video for my Apple TV, and I’m so dependent on this program that I was ready to buy an external monitor just so I could use it. Instead, I found your patch, uninstalled version 0.9.5, installed your version of 0.9.4, and saved a lot of money on a monitor I really didn’t want to buy.

    • Please, can you send handbrake 0.9.4 patched file to me (kdantas@hotmail.com) or share in 4shared, mediafire, mega, or other mirror link? Thanks.

  12. Thank you so much, finally I can compress my huge ass high def episodes of SnO! I couldn’t be happier with this mod!

    • Please, can you send handbrake 0.9.4 patched file to me (kdantas@hotmail.com) or share in 4shared, mediafire, mega, or other mirror link? Thanks.

  13. link death 😦

  14. […] 1024×768… Even regular desktop applications have issues running on netbooks. e.g. Handbrake refuses to run and I am sure you have come across dialog boxes which are too tall to fit on the screen making it […]

  15. This must be a joke. I was looking for an alternative to MediaCoder when I stumbled over Handbrake on Wikipedia. It seems to be great.
    But i do not understand why the devs would not remove this arbitrary limit. Has it something to do with DotNET programming guidelines or is it just to bully netbook users? I mean come on!

  16. Hi. Do you think you can provide the link again? Seems like a dead link when i clicked. Will be better if you can upload to mediafire… I really appreciate it. Otherwise, email can do too. Thanks very much in advance!!

  17. The reason they do this is because the devs, while a clever bunch who made a great app, are also complete d!cks about it. Spend any amount of time in the Handbrake forums and you’ll witness them heaping doses of abuse upon anyone and everyone. They’re just flat-out a-holes, and they seem to revel in it. So why don’t the provide the ability to use Handbrake on a smaller screen? Most likely answer: Because f@#k you, that’s why.

    • THIS!

      Dick developers (don’t be afraid, you can say it here… lol) are the problem with most software that becomes obsolete sooner-rather-than-later. They think they have all the answers, the users are always idiots (even when they’re well-articulated and describe everything in clear detail), and “it’s my project so STFU and GTFO, I’ll do it how I want”. Protip: if you want your shit to be popular, you need to listen to the users. Making people happy is what makes software popular. Or, in the case of Ask.com, shoving it down everyone’s throats with “opt-out” installers, that’ll make you popular as well. And flagged as malware.

      I agree, the forums show their true colors. I got banned for posting a link to this. Because, well… waah, we don’t like anyone doing anything we didn’t tell them to do. Even though it’s open source.

    • You’re a jerk off and know nothing of what you speak. If you are as brilliant as you portray … how about writing a competing app? how’s that working for you? I remember you from years ago. Anyone that thinks they are a bird is certifiable. Stop misleading people. The link was banned because no one at HandBrake wants to try to support your hack. Its that way all around OSS. They don’t come to you they come to HandBrake for support.

      • I’m the dick? Hi, Mr. “still butthurt about a patch from 4 years ago”. Can’t believe you’d dig this thing up just to blabber about knowing “nothing”, and a personal jab at being “certifiable”. You might notice I’m not the only person – hell, not even just a few people, but a fair number of them – that thinks you Handbrake devs are assholes. I hope you take this opportunity for some reflection.

        (on a side note, the patched version added the disclaimer to “not whine to the guys in the forums” as any rational developer would do if they present options that might not work for everyone, in the interest of giving the damn user the control they may need. So, your point about “supporting” is moot. And the only part of the code that was changed was not having Handbrake throw a Ragequit when it gets its panties in a bunch over the fucking screen resolution.)

      • p.s.: I have written a fairly popular piece of software for computer repair techs, and a key difference is that I actually give a shit about my users. http://fb.com/f4ubcd

  18. Please, someone can send me (kdantas@hotmail.com) the Handbrake 0.9.4 Netbook resolution patched file? The link http://rapidshare.com/files/347562101/handbrake-0.9.4-netbook-patched-src.7z is down. I want the 0.9.4 patched or 0.9.5 patched release due Target Size option. Thanks.

  19. I have a doubt: I installed the HandBrake-0.9.4_Netbook_patched-Win_GUI_CLI.exe but the installed version is Why not 0.9 4?

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