Me + my clone = infinite productivity

January 25, 2010

If I had a clone, and we worked together, the secrets of the universe would be unlocked, ReactOS would be complete, PC repair shops would become corporations (plural), and dear god, don’t even get me started on the bedroom. *cough*

This is a phenomenon explained thus:

I am lazy.
I accept constructive criticism.
I give constructive criticism. Often, a little too much for most people.
I’m the only person I don’t think is a total tool in most areas. (note both implications there)
I speak my mind, often with an excess of verbosity.
I’m really quite good at organizing a team and dividing tasks.

Therefore, if I had a clone, my weaknesses and strengths would complement each other in an infinitely motivating way. I could take a large task, divide it up evenly, and not only would I agree with myself, I wouldn’t have a problem with trading sub-tasks back and forth, collaborating on ideas, etc.

Just brain candy for the night. Because damnit, I am the proud owner of a flight suit tonight. All that’s left is to dream of if there were another of me that would appreciate it.


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