On that note…

January 22, 2010

… You know how you feel when, say, your dog dies?  That’s quite like this for me. I didn’t know this bird. I only knew him because he found his way onto my wallpaper from time to time for good 5-minute windows, and I’d have no choice but to sit there admiring that beautiful bird. I’d sit there for a minute or so each time he popped up, just thinking. What’s he thinking? He’s staring right at the camera. Does he know? Could I ever find this guy? What would it be like to actually be in his presence? Would he trust me, knowing how much I respect, and identify, with him? Curious as I am, I wanted to see more.

I went back to the site I found the guy at, to try to find some more pictures of the guy. I found them, alright, but they weren’t exactly in a place I would like to find them.

Remembering Buckeye 1996 – 2009

Buckeye, or Mr. B, was a 14-year-old Peregrine Falcon. The birds I would like to believe are immortal and timeless. All throughout history, they have never changed a bit. Today we’ve got all sorts of dog and cat breeds, that are pretty much symbols of the age. Falcons, though, are pretty much known for their timeless presence. References to them all throughout history makes them seem indestructible. Clearly, logically, that can’t be the truth for anything. As corny a movie as it came from, “Everything that has a beginning has an end”. And here, reality comes crashing in on me, to read that the bird, sitting on my desktop, has ceased to exist. After living an unusually long and fulfilling life, this bird whom I had dreamed about “meeting” – strange as though it might sound – is no longer with this world.

Buckeye, or Mr. B, a Peregrine Falcon at Terminal Tower, ClevelandHe will be missed… R.I.P, Buckeye! Maybe we can still meet in my dreams…

… okay, you can stop looking at me like that now. Seriously. Rude. Is it so hard to believe? Sigh… you know, I don’t even care. I’m a weirdo. I know this. I don’t even mind the insults anymore…



  1. how are you?master.

    i am korean & my english is limit.

    i need help. please!help me.

    how can i make (falconfour4.0) bootting from usb?

    have great day.

    • Pretty fucked up to post this as the first comment under my (okay, not “my”, but… still) bird’s blog post… bad english or otherwise, it doesn’t take that much linguistics to figure out this isn’t the right blog post to talk about F4UBCD. 😦

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