Let there be PHOTOS!

January 20, 2010

I’d recently noticed that in moving to WordPress from Blogger, I lost all my uploaded photos, mainly because Blogger was FAR too broken to work with. tl;dr Google refused to give me control over my own subdomain, so I ditched them, but couldn’t export in a compatible format.

Anyway, digging through the crusty cracks of my server’s falconfour.com domain, I found an old working copy of my blog posted there. And, wonder of all wonders, it had a copy of my old photos in it!

Now, you can go to the old August 2007 archive (a quite dark period of my life, as you may read), and have some photos to go with the wall of text 😉

p.s.: Yes, I’m watching… and no, I never have stopped believing…

[06:50] [dynaflash] I like the part where he explains to his “case worker” that he is really a bird trapped in a humans body


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