Hey, Godaddy! This is why you’re losing customers.

January 12, 2010
Pending Account Change

Pending Account Change

This is why. “Pending Account Change”. Make a simple change to your hosting account, like moving to a different server (something that’s usually done transparently), and the action becomes not only painfully intrusive, but ridiculously slow, and it makes you totally unable to access the hosting control panel at all until it deems the action “completed”!

Worst part – and the particular deal-breaker – is that the action actually completed TWENTY THREE HOURS AGO. I requested that the Windows hosting be switched to Linux (via the web interface, hence no interaction with demented support reps) and that completed about 4 hours later that same night. Even 4 hours is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for something like this. Now, I’m still locked out 23 hours later.

Why 23? I don’t know. I called up GoDaddy support earlier today (and it was a relatively pleasant experience except for the wacky hold music) and the rep told me it would take “24 hours” to complete the action after the time it actually… you know… completed. Whatever. 24 hours it is.

The root of the problem I’m having is that I can’t seem to access any sort of error or diagnostic information from the site. Could you imagine why? By a call I had previously made with GoDaddy support, I was told that – yes – error messages are a feature of deluxe hosting packages, not the Economy one the site is using. wat.

Needless to say, THIS organization will not be renewing their web hosting with GoDaddy.



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  2. I’d say that you’re an edge case and you should be patient. How often do you think people switch hosting platforms? Probably not much. I’d give them some slack, it probably isn’t as easy as the dialogs make it seem.

    Just my opinion. I’ve never had a single bad experience with GoDaddy hosting, but then I never tried to change my hosting platform. Good luck!

    • It actually completed 22 hours prior to the control panel being “unlocked” to me. Everything was up and running except a cryptic 404 error for any files uploaded to the site via a PHP script. The support rep gave me the BS excuse that the move wasn’t completed and this was likely a result of that. After the “move” completed and I finally got access to the control panel again, I found how much BS that really was. Permissions issues were to blame. Permissions issues that are only the result of their screwed-up server (and I wrote all the code behind that site as well).

      Quite literally, the only reason I had to wait 24 hours was because of an arbitrary timer.

      edit: Exactly 24 hours, as well. It let me in exactly 24 hours from the start.

      • I see. I’ll keep my nose out of it, then. 🙂

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