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Me + my clone = infinite productivity

January 25, 2010

If I had a clone, and we worked together, the secrets of the universe would be unlocked, ReactOS would be complete, PC repair shops would become corporations (plural), and dear god, don’t even get me started on the bedroom. *cough*

This is a phenomenon explained thus:

I am lazy.
I accept constructive criticism.
I give constructive criticism. Often, a little too much for most people.
I’m the only person I don’t think is a total tool in most areas. (note both implications there)
I speak my mind, often with an excess of verbosity.
I’m really quite good at organizing a team and dividing tasks.

Therefore, if I had a clone, my weaknesses and strengths would complement each other in an infinitely motivating way. I could take a large task, divide it up evenly, and not only would I agree with myself, I wouldn’t have a problem with trading sub-tasks back and forth, collaborating on ideas, etc.

Just brain candy for the night. Because damnit, I am the proud owner of a flight suit tonight. All that’s left is to dream of if there were another of me that would appreciate it.


Atom 330 Nettop motherboards are perfect for all XP users.

January 21, 2010

Are you listening, industry? Atom 330 nettop motherboards are the perfect motherboard replacements for EVERY Windows XP machine that I have seen thus far. The dual-core Atom 330 runs circles around even a 2.8GHz single-core Pentium 4, and at about a tenth the power consumption (hence, heat). Not only do these nettop boards provide an extra core (with hyperthreading on each core, so effectively 4 cores), but they can help prolong the life of the existing components, like the PSU and hard drive.

We need more options, though. The current lineup consists of the D945GCLF2/D board from Intel, with an Intel 945 chipset and GMA 950 graphics – the only chip on the board that needs a fan is the power-hungry northbridge. It has 1xDDR2, 2x SATA, 1x ATA100, 1 PCI slot, and a good handful of legacy ports on the back. The other board I just stumbled on is an ECS 945GCD-M board with an Atom 330 (I only look at Atom 330 boards; the 220 is insulting). It solves the slot problem with 2x DDR2 slots, 1 each of PCI-E 16x, PCI-E 1x, and PCI. It also has an additional SATA port.

Both of these boards have a common flaw: for being drop-in replacement boards, they have rather arbitrary requirements and limitations. For example, even though the LPC bus controller (PS/2, serial, parallel) has a floppy controller, there is no header on either of these boards for a floppy drive. Many systems I use these boards to upgrade have a floppy drive, and I end up having to leave a dead floppy drive in the case. Also, there’s a 24-pin + 4-pin 12v connector on these boards. Why? The Atom is super-low-power, and does not need the additional power lines. With a simple adapter, we can get the +12v out of the way (for PSUs without the 4-pin connector), and the 24-pin connector only ever needs a 20-pin plugged in. It’s nice to have the option, but requiring the 4-pin connector is kinda unnecessary. Just take the power from the main 12v bus and spare us the trouble.

All this can be accomplished with a Micro/MiniATX form factor, which I’d really like to see more of on the market. With a MiniATX form factor to work with, it should be possible to cram a lot more into an Atom board than what we’re stuck with now.

You build it, I’ll buy it.


Let there be PHOTOS!

January 20, 2010

I’d recently noticed that in moving to WordPress from Blogger, I lost all my uploaded photos, mainly because Blogger was FAR too broken to work with. tl;dr Google refused to give me control over my own subdomain, so I ditched them, but couldn’t export in a compatible format.

Anyway, digging through the crusty cracks of my server’s domain, I found an old working copy of my blog posted there. And, wonder of all wonders, it had a copy of my old photos in it!

Now, you can go to the old August 2007 archive (a quite dark period of my life, as you may read), and have some photos to go with the wall of text 😉

p.s.: Yes, I’m watching… and no, I never have stopped believing…

[06:50] [dynaflash] I like the part where he explains to his “case worker” that he is really a bird trapped in a humans body


Hey, Godaddy! This is why you’re losing customers.

January 12, 2010
Pending Account Change

Pending Account Change

This is why. “Pending Account Change”. Make a simple change to your hosting account, like moving to a different server (something that’s usually done transparently), and the action becomes not only painfully intrusive, but ridiculously slow, and it makes you totally unable to access the hosting control panel at all until it deems the action “completed”!

Worst part – and the particular deal-breaker – is that the action actually completed TWENTY THREE HOURS AGO. I requested that the Windows hosting be switched to Linux (via the web interface, hence no interaction with demented support reps) and that completed about 4 hours later that same night. Even 4 hours is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for something like this. Now, I’m still locked out 23 hours later.

Why 23? I don’t know. I called up GoDaddy support earlier today (and it was a relatively pleasant experience except for the wacky hold music) and the rep told me it would take “24 hours” to complete the action after the time it actually… you know… completed. Whatever. 24 hours it is.

The root of the problem I’m having is that I can’t seem to access any sort of error or diagnostic information from the site. Could you imagine why? By a call I had previously made with GoDaddy support, I was told that – yes – error messages are a feature of deluxe hosting packages, not the Economy one the site is using. wat.

Needless to say, THIS organization will not be renewing their web hosting with GoDaddy.


Hello, Internet. I bring you an ASCII line-art circle.

January 4, 2010
                 ╔════╝              ╚════╗
             ╔═══╝                        ╚═══╗
           ╔═╝                                ╚═╗
         ╔═╝                                    ╚═╗
       ╔═╝                                        ╚═╗
     ╔═╝                                            ╚═╗
    ╔╝                                                ╚╗
   ╔╝                                                  ╚╗
  ╔╝                                                    ╚╗
 ╔╝                                                      ╚╗
 ║                                                        ║
╔╝                                                        ╚╗
║                                                          ║
║                                                          ║
║                                                          ║
║                                                          ║
╚╗                                                        ╔╝
 ║                                                        ║
 ╚╗                                                      ╔╝
  ╚╗                                                    ╔╝
   ╚╗                                                  ╔╝
    ╚╗                                                ╔╝
     ╚═╗                                            ╔═╝
       ╚═╗                                        ╔═╝
         ╚═╗                                    ╔═╝
           ╚═╗                                ╔═╝
             ╚═══╗                        ╔═══╝
                 ╚════╗              ╔════╝

Great for printable CD label border art. Copypasta into Notepad or something, and bam, instant awesome.

I couldn’t find a good ASCII circle online using box-drawing characters, so I Shooped a 60x30px monochrome circle, then filled it in with the box characters one by one. Pretty cool result, IMO.