Handbrake WinGUI svn2845 for Netbooks

October 5, 2009

Well, the Handbrake guys picked up the ball on providing the public with a few SVN snapshot releases. They work pretty well but still have some glaring bugs. Of note:
– When audio is downmixed from stereo to mono, the audio is distorted and plays very strangely, slowed/pitched down and skips to keep time. May be relevant that the source was VBR MP3 from an XviD AVI but it’s pretty uniform in its occurrence.
– In WinGUI, the chapter markers box is greyed out after automatic scan, until you re-select the title to process. Appears to be a bug in the way the GUI is refreshed after autoscan.

And perhaps most importantly, despite the fact that the GUI automatically scales and provides a scroll bar to navigate the interface, it refuses to run when the resolution is too low. It flat-out does not allow the program to run due to this arbitrary limitation – no bypass switches, nothing. It needs to be recompiled. But it works just fine at lower resolutions. You can test this functionality by launching Handbrake at 1024×768 (or higher), minimize the GUI, then change the resolution to 800×600. Restore the GUI, and it suddenly grows scroll bars like magic and it’s still usable. The devs have consistently ignored countless requests to remove this limitation so, well, once again, that’s where I come in.

Look closer - shit bricks.

Look closer - shit bricks.

This is a compile of the GUI only. It does not include the CLI. It is a drop-in replacement for the GUI available with the svn2845 snapshot available (at the moment) here. Install that, then extract these GUI files to the folder you installed Handbrake to. Voila! Handbrake on your netbook.

Download the patched version here. Includes source code – the files in the /src/ folder do NOT need to be extracted to the Handbrake install directory. Only handbrake.exe and handbrake.pdb.

edit: Just realized I typo’d the filename: “handbreake”. Guess it’s a fitting typo.

Oh, look, it works fine at 992x673.

Oh, look, Handbrake works fine at 992x673.

The new version can’t come fast enough. Hard to believe they still have that stale old version on the main page! =(


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