Yahoo, losing users at the speed of Seven.

August 25, 2009

Okay, Yahoo, what the fuck. I searched the internet every way I know how, about anything even relating to an issue like this, and I get literally zero results, about anyone EVER having encountered this message before.

“AT&T Yahoo! software is not currently available for your operating system.
If you wish to install AT&T Yahoo! software on another
computer which is supported, please revisit the AT&T Yahoo! Software Center.”

Software Unavailable

This is on Windows 7, a fully supported OS by Yahoo Messenger – I was using it all the while I was using RC, and now that I’m finally on RTM, I get raped by a message saying it won’t even download. I’ll bet I can install it just fine if I just download the installer-stub on another PC.

Screw you, Yahoo. Why do I have to jump through hoops and grab the download from another computer just out of desperation to use your shitty, bloated, piece of shit messenger? Well, because I have one (read: ONE) important contact that uses Yahoo. And for that, I may as well just download a client that doesn’t impose artificial restrictions on where I can download the software.



  1. I honestly see zero reason to use the official Yahoo client… or any official messenger client, really… except that support for audio/video chat, and file transfers, tends to be a bit less retarded. Otherwise… I’d rather use something like Pidgin

    Ads + Lag + Only One IM Network
    Slightly ugly + More Configurable + No Lag + All IM Contacts in a Single Buddylist

    Seems clear to me

  2. uh…
    you can use msn to talk to ppl on yahoo, silly falcon4.

  3. i get the same thing using Ubuntu 8.4 witch is Linux when it says this it also has a mail button at the top i click the mail button and viola im in my mail

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