I have a hackintosh. And iLife 09. Time to start Video #5.

June 22, 2009

(but don’t tell Apple that. I swear I’m going to buy a Mac as soon as I can afford it!)

Finally… after at least 5 years… I finally have the tools I need (read: iMovie) to start work on a new F-16 video. Video had evolved, and the tools I had used for the first 4 movies were now outdated and unusable. Current video editing tools like Adobe Premiere try to be more than they really need to be, and require college education in the subject in order to use. Not to mention being very unfriendly to using clips from various sources (read: YouTube).

I’ve teased here and there about starting a new movie, but really it never worked out in the end. I’d tried Windows Movie Maker, which was a trainwreck. I’ve had all these bright ideas over the last 5 years about what I wanted to do in the #5 video, all of which amounted to nothing and never saw the light of day. Well… now that I have “a Mac” (I mean, a PC that acts 100% like a Mac, runs Mac OS X 10.5 natively, and runs just as smoothly), I can finally start serious work on the things I’d been dreaming of doing for so long.

I’ve always got to one-up myself.  The last video was much better than the one before it… and this next video will be much better than the one before it as well. More details to come as they develop 😉

Picture 1


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