“Do Not Buy”.

June 10, 2009

This may be an ongoing list… brands not to buy, and good reasons not to buy them.


  • Gateway. Y’know? I’ve seen more Gateway laptops come into the shop with unrepairable motherboard failures than I can count. Most of them are relatively new as well. So, they die just after their warranty expires. Poor manufacturing quality, and last I heard, the company is going out of business anyway. Good riddance.
  • Toshiba, same as Gateway’s issues, but they have a higher initial build quality – they have great sound and decent performance (can’t say the same for Gateway). They also last slightly longer than the 1-2 years that Gateway laptops offer.
  • eMachines. eMachines was purchased by Gateway long ago, and they seem to have done nothing but destroy Gateway’s quality. eMachines have been plagued with low grade power supplies that toast the whole computer, and Gateway has done nothing but integrate these low grade power supplies into their own computers. Isn’t it supposed to work the other way around – replace the faulty component with one that doesn’t fail? Not for Gateway. “Crap it out and people will buy it”. eMachines is the epitome of that ideology.


  • Lexmark, and other no-name offshoots (Dell doesn’t make printers; they’re typically rebranded Lexmarks as far as I know). Horrifyingly poor drivers and even worse support. True story: a customer comes in to the shop, has an issue getting their Lexmark printer to work with their computer. We have nothing but trouble as well. It keeps saying something about “Communications failure” and that we should check that it’s plugged in properly. Well, she goes, calls Lexmark, describes the problem, and they say that it’s a known issue. They told her that she’d have to pay $60 to hear the answer. Known issue with their product? Pay an exorbitant amount of money to hear the answer? No wonder she’s decided to pay TWICE that to OUR shop to have US fix the problem. Fuck Lexmark.
  • Epson. I own one now and I can’t stand the fucking thing. If you’re not familiar with the Great Epson Ink Ripoff, then just Google around a bit. Their ink cartridges have chips in them, not to detect the ink levels, but to identify and “burn out” the cartridge when the printer thinks you’re out of ink. It has no way of actually knowing the ink levels; it merely guesses. And if you’re out of ink (so it thinks) in one tank out of 6, you can’t print anything at all. Even if it’s a Light Cyan cartridge and you want to print a greyscale document. How’s that for ripoff?

Maybe someday these douchenozzles will get their act together and straighten out their product line, but it’s more likely that their company will go bankrupt before they have time to fix their products. Ah well. Remember kids: honesty is the best policy! Don’t fuck the customer.


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