Handbrake SVN 2475 build 6/3/2009 (Windows only)

June 3, 2009

Update! Handbrake 0.9.4 is actually out now! Why not just grab it from Handbrake themselves here? Hell of a lot nicer than grabbing it from some shady guy-who-thinks-he’s-a-bird’s blog… don’t you think?

Or, perhaps, you’re looking for the netbook resolution patched version?



  1. God damn, thanks heaps for this. I checked out megui under windows (normally encode under OS X) and it was a red hot mess. This makes me happy.

    • megui gives me nightmares. What kind of DVD encoder doesn’t recognize a DVD navigation structure?! >.<

      It's nice that it allows me to encode audio, but seriously, it sucks. I gave it the finger when they put an x264.exe update that totally broke the encoder (hurr, nice QA). And good god, all the steps needed to encode a video… augh!

  2. You mention…

    “…because there are a number of unresolved issues in the current Handbrake “stable” build”

    Out of curiosity, could you highlight what these issues are. I’ve been using hb for awhile and run into things from time to time.

    Also, on a previous post you mention a Handbrake cluster. Do you have information on how to set this up. I didn’t even know this was possible.


    • Nah, it’s not a formal Handbrake “cluster”. It’s just a bunch of machines crunching different videos at the same time. Popped a bunch of DVDs into the drives, then gathered the videos up with a USB Flash drive when they were done.

      As for the issues, well… pretty much 1/6 of all encodes fail on the current Handbrake build, both in Windows and Mac OS (I’ve tested the Mac OS build as well on my shiny new Hackintosh; may even post them if I learn to compile on Mac). It just hangs at a random percentage. On the Mac it hung at 99.6% of pass 1 – of an episodic DVD that it had already processed about 10 other episodes from discs in the same set. There are also various other issues I can’t remember, relating to the queue window (LOTS of bugs in the queue window) and other Windows GUI glitches. The CLI itself seemed pretty stable except for the encoding-hang bug.

      • Thanks for the details. You got me excited for a minute… I was hoping that the SVN you were working with had new encoding clustering features that would share to the workload of a singe encoding project and bring it all back together somehow… wishfull thinking I guess.

        Any idea when they’ll release the final of Handbrake’s new ver???

        Thanks again,

    • Ugh. Perhaps when they get their heads out of their collective asses, stop adding new features and changing shit, and just release the damn thing already. The SVN is buzzing with around the clock activity and it’s getting harder to find a stable version to post. I think this version is even buggy in reading DVD structures without switching on libdvdnav, but I haven’t done a real DVD in a while.

      What gets me is why they think it’s appropriate to only release a “stable” version without doing any real beta testing. They should have released a beta version months ago, if they could get their development community to polish up a single revision and push it out as a beta version, then continue working on shiny new features. Or something, for the love of god. I think their development system is very broken. I’m not a developer myself, so I can’t say “this is exactly how it should be done”… but I can say that there are better ways they could be doing things.

  3. So falconfour,
    It looks like handbrake has ACTUALLY RELEASED a snapshot (2592). That must be a first for them, they usually don’t release “betas” to us common folk.


    • Woohoo!! This is incredible news! Glad to see they got some sense and stopped bucking the users. Of course official support can’t be expected, which comes with the territory. But the essential thing is to give those dedicated users the ability to even download a newer version.

      Thanks for the info!!

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