Yes. The Handbrake SVN is stable enough.

May 19, 2009

Meet my 6-PC encoding cluster. Doesn’t handle scratched DVDs very gracefully, but it sure does a great job at running unattended…

Handbrake SVN on 6 PCs encoding Family Guy to x264

Handbrake SVN on 6 PCs encoding Family Guy to x264



  1. Hello. I downloaded and installed on Windows Vista. The gui tries to start but crashes with some kind of unhandled exception error. Any ideas?

    • I really don’t know. That’s sort of the same as saying “Hey, my car won’t start, what’s wrong?”. Aside from the fact that Vista is shit…

      Do you have any .NET Framework packages installed? Check your “Programs and Features” for Microsoft .NET-anything. I don’t know for sure, but you MAY need 2.0 or 3.5 installed.

      • After reinstalling .NET 3.5 I get the message Must be 1024×720 or greater and GUI just exits.

    • Well, the message doesn’t lie… and at least now you’ve got the program working. What are you using, a Netbook or something? You need a large screen area to view the whole GUI and that’s not something I can help you with, other than to tell you to set your resolution to something “sane”. You know how to set your screen resolution, right?

      • Tried Windows XP system older and bigger display. Now its coming up with unhandled exception again.

      • Any ideas?

    • All I can say is that you shouldn’t be using the SVN if you can’t solve this problem. Have you tried using the official version from handbrake.fr?

      • Well, I need the latest version. That is why I am here.

    • I didn’t ask if you “needed” the SVN (which isn’t the latest version, it’s a copy of the current code that the developers are working on), I asked if you’ve tried installing the current version.

      The reason I ask is because if the current version doesn’t work either, you should be looking at Handbrake’s support forums as it’s not a problem with the SVN. However, if it IS working and the SVN version still doesn’t, then it may be a legitimate issue…

      • Yes I have tried installing the current version. But it pops up with the same 1024×720 message.

  2. that restriction is built into Handbrake, it seems. *** Live with it ***


  3. So how do you setup a handbrake cluster?

    Will this share workload on the same encoding?

    • haha, no, this “cluster” is just a bunch of computers running Handbrake on different DVDs in a multi-disc set… I had a couple whole spindles of collected DVDs that I wanted to get into h264 high-profile encoding… happened to have access to a small handful of mediocre-spec’d Pentium 4 PCs at school, so I loaded one DVD into each one, distributed pre-configured copies of Handbrake to each one, and set each one to work on their disc’s episodes. Then I collected all the encoded videos via a USB hard drive and cleaned up the Handbrake stuff left behind.

      Using psexec and some serious scripting, though, I’m sure one could set up a proper Handbrake “cluster”…

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  6. Hi Mate,

    Can you please tell me how you did this? was this done by starting manually on each PC or do you have a solution to split the workload / distribute or execute a batch conversion across multiple computers without the need to setup each one?


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