A daily thing? Eh, maybe…

May 15, 2009

I dunno if I’ll make this a daily thing, maybe a “at least once a week” thing, or what… but it’d sure be nice to actually give a shit about posting things.

So, today was relatively uneventful. At work I diagnosed a laptop (Gateway something) with a backlight that was glowing red (wtf?), and opened up a (Dell Inspiron 700m) laptop to find that some power components had literally exploded off the board (with nothing but charcoal left behind). Easy diagnosis: bad backlight, bad motherboard. Woohoo, next.

I dunno, work’s been slow lately. Not many viruses going around right now, which is fucking awesome in my opinion. Less bullshit to fight with, less number of times I need to cross my fingers that ComboFix won’t lock up. Less nukes. I fucking hate nukes. Our shop does such a crap job of nukes. Default everything, practically left up for interpretation. Almost all the systems we “nuke” are XP systems, and XP needs so many “crutches” (third party programs, tweaks, etc) to be useful… yet we really can’t install any of them. I built an uber-ultimate auto-nuke CD that installs any of 5 flavors of Windows on one CD-R with all known sound/video/wlan/storage drivers, as well as updates, .NET, Java, etc…  and I catch flak for changing the name of the bullshit “Documents and Settings” folder to “Users”. How douche?

At school I finished off Tropic Thunder. Cool movie. The “real Four Leaf” reminds me of myself if just in what later became revealed (trying not to spoil anything). You’ll have to see it to understand. 😛 Oh, and yeah, “at school”… tech classes today. So boring I turned on a movie. Yeah. You know how I get the assignments done? I copy one of the guys that wants me to “grade” his assignment. 😛


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