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Server up… getting down.

April 30, 2009

… god, that phrase is so dated.

Okay, so I’d been wanting to get back to this blog for a long time, but never was able to get over that “hump” of diving into the server, editing configuration properties, going back to the DNS provider and adding the subdomain back to the list, and reconfiguring FTP to work with Blogger. I finally did, and it seems to work once again, after over half a year of going “bleh”.

A lot has changed in the past 6 months, much more than I can even mention. Long story short, I now have my long awaited tech job (the exact job of my dreams – fixing PCs), and I’m now going to school at Heald College in the IT/Network Administration program. I also now have an extraordinarily messy, unsanitary, and greedy roommate that I can’t get rid of. So it sort of balances…

Work isn’t all flowers and games though. The company is run in what seems to be a very frustrating model – the store manager has practically zero control over the operations of the shop, whereas our overworked and overcontrolling (never good to have both) “corporate” boss (the guy above the store manager) takes control over every aspect involving money. Any parts that need to be purchased need to be run through him. Any tools we need, he’s got to order. Anything at ALL that needs to be done, he’s got to do. Problem is, he never seems to have time for any of that. I’ve spent the last month or so working on disassembling/soldering/reassembling laptops and fixing software problems, with nothing more than a 20-odd-year-old (or just 10 and left outside most of its life) bar stool. It’s freaking ridiculous. Plus, my coworker seems to only take half my advice when it comes to using the tools and methods I’ve devised to do things faster and more thoroughly. Can you believe we use HD Tune to diagnose a hard drive?

School isn’t all flowers either. With both work and school, I find almost no time to do any sort of homework. That worked fine for the first quarter, since I had a lot of time in class to do work (bored out of my mind in IT classes with nothing to do but wait for drooling morons to catch onto the concept of installing XP on a virtual machine). This quarter (second), I’ve got only three classes, but two of them are ever so slightly… shall we say… demanding. Hardly any classwork, almost all homework. But the quarter did just start, and the instructors seem to be adjusting themselves to how slow the class needs to go. So it may get better…

Man, I really need to write about my experience with Best Buy, though. Whoo!