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The battery that will not die – Ungooglables

May 20, 2008

Seriously folks, I’m staring at a 20+ year old battery that still shows full capacity according to my voltmeter.

The battery in question is a tiny BR2032 – which is strange, considering most go by the name “CR2032” – maybe because this one has solder tabs attached to it, making it board mounted? Anyway, it’s a BR2032 battery attached to a Panasonic T33 electronic typewriter that’s totally circa 1980.

This battery seems to be a battery backup for the logic board’s text memory, before there was Flash ROM (e.g. Nintendo battery-backed cartridges). What I really don’t understand is why it’s still showing a charge after 20-plus years. It’s a one-way battery! It discharges. It’s not rechargeable and there is no charging circuitry on the board. But that’s the only way I could explain how a 3v battery THIS OLD can still show 3.1v when hit with the voltmeter (and checked, and double checked, that it was unplugged from the wall).

Whut the crap. I have no idea what to say about this. All’s I know is, now this odd piece of curiosity is out on the internet, in a vain attempt at finding anyone else with a similar, eh, well, not really problem, but experience. May the Google gods smile on you, oh fellow searcher! 😛


The Internet is DEAD today!

May 16, 2008

I am not shitting you. Let me go over the sites that are offline or dead: – times out. (to see if Woot, at 10pm which is “new product time” for me, is REALLY down) – weird error message site. – “We’re upgrading servers”. – 500 Internal Server Error. Effectively killing the whole DVD-burner-modding scene.

Sure there are a few others I’m missing…

Wtf?! Who killed the internet?!