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Ungoogleables: Canon imageCLASS D860, D861, D880 Page Count

April 14, 2008

I think I should start doing a series on “Ungoogleables” – things that have no relevant results in Google or any other search engine. Maybe I can help a few people.

Starting with this small tidbit of information:

The Canon imageCLASS D8xx series of printers seems to hide its page count for some god forsaken reason. Strange, since the page count of a printer (especially a laser printer) is identical in nature to a car’s odometer. It’s usually easily displayed and used for selling a used printer. Except in this line of printers… surprisingly, Google hasn’t yet figure out how to get to its page counter.

You can access the page counter through the service menu – Additional Functions, “#” key. Here is what I posted to another eBay seller offering a D861:

Press Additional Functions, hit the pound key (#). Then arrow over to “#7 PRINTER” (or push 7), hit Set, then “#3 PRINT COUNT”, and Set. The first number is your total page count (not sure what the second number is). Hit Stop to get out of it all. 🙂

What Google wasn’t able to tell me is what the number format means (###/###). It’s not total/session, as there’s only a small difference on mine between the two numbers. Maybe Total/Cartridge. That wouldn’t make sense though, since my printer’s problem was that a new cartridge was improperly installed (and the owner didn’t know it). Hm… I’m at a loss.

Hope this helps someone!