Where, oh where, have you been?

August 23, 2007

Hello blog. How I have needed you over the past two months. In that time I have gone through literal hell. All possible variations of hell, where the entire world has forced me to bend over and take it up the ass. Had dreams become mere memories… reviewing pictures of earlier days of my life and thinking they were only dreams – because there’s no way they could have been real, and have my life where it is now. And at the same time I came to really understand the little big things in life – that a place to sleep at night isn’t to be taken for granted. And while I may be a falcon at heart, it’s not possible for a person to just live whereever I happen to stop for the night.

I’ve slept in my car about 4 nights, slept at a “friend’s” house for about 2 weeks, slept at a hotel I rented myself at $40 a night for 2 nights, and a $30 a night one for about another 2 nights, before finally finding a homeless-youth assistance organization that gave me a cushy hotel to sleep in for 6 days free, and has now got me into their program with my own apartment.

Along this past couple months (from July to now) so much has happened and changed, I’ll have to take it from July. Stay tuned… =)


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