July 20th-ish

August 23, 2007

The 20th (at least, this particular day, whatever day it was) seems to have been an all around interesting day. Most of my in-the-car days were pretty interesting, with most events and stoppings only lasting less than an hour, and nowhere to stop and rest (except McD’s). I go to McD’s like usual, spend some time there, and I get a call on my Skype phone (a la laptop) from crazy-friend Kenney, saying his brother needs his computer fixed again. Oh, I guess I should mention – that Gateway computer from the June story, I gave it to Kenney’s brother, who we’ll call Kenney II. It was part of the free-laptop-shuffle. All these computers were Kenney’s computers at one point anyway… he just breaks ’em and we (QS and I) fix ’em. So anyway… I have no problem with that, so I hop in the car and head to the address he said. Unfortunately, according to my lack of GPS and the fact that the street very quickly goes from 200 South ->100->0->100->200 North, I got North and South of this particular street mixed up and couldn’t find the address. So I called, asked WTF, and he said “yesh, that’s it”. A few questions of the person whom I was borrowing the cell from, and I found I was on the wrong side of the numbers. I thought THOSE apartments were ghetto…

When I finally got to the apartment that Ken II was staying at, I was afraid of getting out of the car for fear of getting my shit stolen. Talk about GHETTO. Well, I get inside, and I find that he had reformatted his (what used to be my) computer, with a botched and unlicensed copy of Windows XP Home – it has a license for XP Pro. No drivers for video, sound, wireless… anything. Retard much? Yeah, I spent a bunch of time rebuilding a new copy of XP Pro for the computer, loading it on there, cleaning it up, etc… before I remembered… FUCK! My interview! It was at 7 and it was already 7:00. I dropped everything (literally), bolted to the car, and flew to Pizza Hut.

I got there all out of breath and shit, and she didn’t even notice I was late (until I mentioned, which was cool). I get through that interview the best I could – it’s not like it’s an acting trial, more like a talent show anyway. I’m given a stack of forms to fill out and, guess what? Even though it wasn’t actually officially said (can they not, or something?), I get the job! The next few hours is spent filling out forms, and getting my uniform… life is sweet! I have a job I actually like, that wasn’t handed to me! And it was the first job I applied for, too… well, at least, in “this run”.

I head back to le apartmente ghettoes, and finish up the computer. I randomly ask if I can spend the night… of course I can. So I sleep there, on the floor… although most of the night was spent shooting shit with one of the guys living there (I guess?), who was a manager at a pizza place for a while, talking about the job, etc… more drama (e.g. almost having to take him to the hospital) follows, and I finally get a bit of sleep. I think orientation was in a few days…


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