August 1st… uhm… yeah.

August 23, 2007

Okay, I finally looked up the date all my bank shit (to be written about shortly) went apeshit, and i turned out to have actually happened on July 31st. So instead of shifting around all the dates and trying to figure out what all happened between the 31st and the, uh, 7th, or whenever… I think I’ll just say all this happened on the 1st. 😛

So things have kinda gone on normally for a while… kissy-smoochy QEB, the kids, and the occasional wordless visit by Ken II (hubby). I logged into my USAA bank account, the one my Army pay had been going into while I was doing drills, expecting to see $0.01 in there – typical leftover from after an insurance payment, which comes out of that account too. I see something to the tune of $1,200 instead. What the fuck?! I see something from the Army, and I don’t argue. In the coming 15 minutes, sensing someone to leech money from, that good ol’ gambling bitch comes up outside the stairs and asks if I can take her to Table Mountain. Well, fuck, I have an unexpected and happy amount of money, let’s go wild! I hate gambling (casinos, I should say) but I figure I can take her there, let her waste her money, and we can go home. Well, I go there… let’s see. Long story short, I get $60 mooched off me, and we spend all night there while she shoves money into slot machines gambling everything away. Every time she wins, she puts it right back in the machine. Smart, smart…

So after leaving her there twice, saying I was going home without her, she finally runs dry out of money and is forced to leave since I won’t loan her any more money to waste. Fuming pissed at me, we go back home at like, 8am, after having spent the whole night at the casino. The entire fucking night. I crash on the couch. Wake up, check my mail, and I get a message saying my USAA card was suspended because of weird activity. Yeah, that’s cool… I don’t use it, then I suddenly use it at a casino ATM a few times… alright, got to call them to reactivate my card. I put on my Bluetooth headset and call them via Skype with the modem powered by the UPS and my laptop on battery power (almost dead). I answer all their questions before they get to rattling off the recent transactions, and my laptop battery goes into 0% Kill mode – where it slows the CPU down to 10MHz to keep the battery alive, and the call gets dropped. Great. So I pack up and go to McDonald’s and use their phone to call USAA about my card (I don’t know why I didn’t use my Bluetooth – probably forgot something). Their phone sucks but I end up hearing about a $250 charge (which, later, and for blog shortness, ended up being TWO $250 charges) on my account. No, that’s not mine, and my fucking card is gone! I slept through that bitch ripping my card out of my wallet (which I had been raving about my newfound wealth) and going on a Radio Shack spending spree! Turns out she bought a iPod Nano and a Boost Unlimited phone on my dime, and someone at the counter didn’t even bother checking the ID (which was still in my wallet). Very smart.

Well, police report filed, so on and so forth, and a few days (or day?) later, Ken II comes back home for a while, and shit starts going crazy with QEB, me, Payne, and him. This is known as the “fight scene”. That little memory I wish would go away but I want other people to know about, so I bring it up anyway. I notice some things are getting “tense” and dramatic between him and her, so I get in my little car and scoot off to a faraway McDonald’s to waste some time. I get back some hours later and everything’s being really weird. I hook up the modem and start calling around for places to go. The first person I manage to get ahold of is QS’s (now-ex) girlfriend, who I start telling about my shituation and how fed up I’d been getting with QEB not doing anything to help the electricity problem other than just sit there, etc etc etc… and as I’m telling her this on the phone, QEB gets teh uber pissy, shouting at me, saying “OMFG how can you say I dont do anythign???!!”… ugh. Yeah, she cleans up after the kids. Wow. How about actually doing something with your life other than going to the welfare place to get your check, or going to Ken II’s mom’s place to bug him? Ugh, anyway… so I’m trying to pack up my crap to get out of there when Payne starts siding with QEB, joining in the bullshit yelling, threats, shit like that. I pack up everything I’ve got, or everything valuable I can find, and try to make my way out. But I can’t carry everything, so I’m trying to find a way to carry my printer (a full size printer), my laptop, and a box with the small UPS and assorted other crap… and while I’m trying to get around a fuming-ranting Payne to grab a pair of blue diagonal clippers (um, dikes?), she shoves me away and pretty much starts an all-out fight. I keep the bitch-fest from hurting me (too badly – at least no punches hit me) and Ken II, the “lazy bastard”, helps me carry out some shit. On my way out, here comes QEB with a broken-ass tire pump set up like she’s going to use it as a bat against my car’s window. Ken II’s ahead of me so I yell for him to watch out, and he shoves the bitch away from my car. She then goes after me, swinging the pump at my side (and yeah, that shit hurts). I set up to catch the pump and yank it out of her hands, but she’s too stupid to notice (thankfully), and keeps swinging – I missed once before I pried it out of her hands, mangling it up in the process. I finally get everything I can in my car (excluding clothes) and zip off. Left behind: my socks, underwear, pants, and F-16 T-shirts. And my work uniform ($40 of which I had to buy myself).

I go to work either later that day, or the next day (can’t remember…), with a second “borrowed” uniform, plus some pants and shoes I had to run to Ross and Payless to buy _again_ like 10 minutes before I had to be to work. I ended up being like, 15 minutes late, for my first day of work. To top it all off, all hell was breaking loose at work, with pizza flying all over the place, orders coming and going at a zillion pepperoni a nanosecond, and here I was needing a shirt and hat. I’m amazed I still have the job. But I ended up proving my worth in the coming weeks 😉

Slept in my car again that day. Woke up the next morning around 10am-ish, with a guy from the church asking what’s up, etc… and saying I’m free to stay there if I’d like. I flat-out don’t believe in God, but you know, I wonder if that guy said a prayer for me, and, who knows? Maybe there is someone up there. Because the following days completely turned this shitfest of a life around.


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